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Thread: PS3 error code 80028F14 and code 80010017 help?

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    ynnad1975 Guest

    PS3 error code 80028F14 and code 80010017 help?

    Could someone help me? I've tried several games, and none of them worked! I've formatted my externel hdd to fat32, i have gaia manager on my PS3... What else do you have to know in order to help me?

    I've tried these games:

    *The sims 3 EU version
    *Resonance of fate
    *Fracture, this is the only game, where i saw the first part of the game, before you start it (sort of introduction movie, kind of)

    Please help me, i'm working on it for two days now, it would be nice if i have some effort of it, i hope still today?!

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    80010017 is Can't start Blu-ray Game.

    Not sure on the 80028F14 though.. someone else got it HERE though so it may be payload-related.

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    Supply more info ynnad1975. Is your BD drive faulty? If it is, then your problem might be larger than you think. What JB method are you using?

    What payload are you using? Hermes v4B (no PSN or spoofing) is the most stable for me. Which PS3? Current FW?

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    ynnad1975 Guest
    My bd drive is ok, Are you dutch? Because of your name ogrotekoning... It's easier for me to speak dutch, that's why i ask...

    I have firmware 3.41

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    Nope I'm not dutch. I am afrikaans. You didn't answer all the questions so I will assume you have PL3 payload. I had issues with 80028F14 using PL3 payload. But I suggest you get back to basics. Change your payload to Hermes v4B. GAIA is fine. Try playing from the internal HDD. Keep an original game disc in the drive and see if that solves the problem.

    Hope this helps.

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    ynnad1975 Guest
    Hi grotekoning, I don't know what a payload is? Is that my gaia manager?

    Do i have to delete that, and then put on the hermes? When i translate payload into to dutch, it means loading capicity, but how do i find out what my payload is?

    You're doing you're best to help me, that isn't it, but i don't understand anything, i'm having a headache because i want to solve this problem.

    Thank you so far, greetings Danny.

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    Nope - the GAIA manager is the backup manager that was improved by drizzt from the original backup manager. Keep that on your PS3 (assuming it is on your PS3 like you said)

    1. You are using a certain device to jailbreak (JB) your PS3 ... right? This can be an iPod, USB development board, purchased device, calculator, etc etc. What device are you using?
    2. On this device is a "payload" that enables the device to JB the PS3 (Hermes, PL3 or the latest CE-X). What did you load on the device?
    3. Did you backup your games from originals or did you obtain it elsewhere?

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    ynnad1975 Guest
    To answer your questions:

    1.) PS3Key
    2.) I don't know, I bought it from an official seller, last friday, he says the latest program is on my PS3Key... Otherwise, where can i see that?
    3.) I backuped games from the original, and that worked perfect.

    Did that with final fantasy, and LEGO Batman, both worked fine... I also downloaded games from FTD, and that didn't work.

    Is it possible that the games we downloaded, have a wrong content? So we should rename it or something?
    I'm just guessing...

    I'm glad that you're willing to help me,

    Thank you very much.

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    No problem - we are all here to help.

    Unfortunately I know nothing about the PS3Key - so seach for threads where PS3Key is explained or contact the manufacturers on their website's or read their FAQ. I am glad the backed up games work well.

    As for the backup games and issues - I do not support that.

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    ynnad1975 Guest
    Ok, thank you anyway! I know the ps3key is kind of new, so it would be difficult to find the answer... But I will keep looking...

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