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    PS3 error 8002f2c5 under firmware 3.56 help?

    i have a problem with the error "8002f2c5" under the firmware 3.56, i think its version1.Can anybody help me?

    One day i put the harddrive out of my ps3 and i have formatted the drive because i wanted it as a backup drive under windows 7. So then i formatted the hard drive again and have put it into the ps3. They won't work.

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    can you fix in recovery mode.. i'm not sure but you may have a "sony only fix" here.. isn't 3.56 v 1 a hdd upgrade incompatable needed to be on 3.56 fix. if this is the case and the ps3 won't recognise your hdd because you formatted it, call sony and ask them to fix it.

    why did you format it anyway.. maybe use back up feature in xmb to ext. hdd next time to save such problems.. anyway try get into recovery mode.. use "search" if you're not sure how to enter it.. and go from there. hopefully that will work.. good luck mate.. let us know any progress etc.

    not good i'm affraid.. you shouldn't have formatted hdd mate.. read below:

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    i had the same problem when i formatted my HDD and i came across this thread when i searched this forum... i was using a usb (NTFS formatted) to do the updates and i tried all the options in the recovery mode screen and nothing worked... so as i was playing around, i tried to place the updates in my external hdd (FAT formatted) and what do you know... it worked... i was able to update 3.60 and 3.61... i know this is 2 months late but maybe there are some who have this problem and could be helped... regards.

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    If you are on 3.56 v1, and attempted to install a new HD or formatted your original HD, you will have to send it to Sony for repair. There is no way to change the HD on a 3.56 v1 console without first updating to 3.56 Fixed. Sorry.

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