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    chroncile Guest
    I have a slim PS3, model CECH-2001A.

    My BDROM is fine and I have never opened my PS3 so there's no chance of the ribbon cable being damaged so the only thing that's left is the southbridge.

    How do I reflow the southbridge? Also, I read something about shorting the battery with the motherboard while searching for solutions to this problem. Do you think that would help?

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    chroncile Guest
    Okay so I fixed my PS3. I formatted my HDD and tried install 3.55 Kmeaw, but it failed at 10% saying the same error, 8002F14E.

    So I kept restarting it until the count down timer was gone and a guide was shown on the screen; hold down the power button until the system beeps and unplug it from the back then restart it a few minutes later. I did that, but I left my PS3 off for more than 12 hours.

    After 12 hours had gone by I restarted my PS3 and the update worked. Now I have 3.55 Kmeaw.

    Now the real question is how do I upgrade to 3.55.2 Rebug without getting that stupid error again?

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