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    mrfunkyjunkie Guest

    PS3 error 80028F10 help?

    ok, so i've been loading games onto my ps3 - applying the various fixes / settings in multiman to get them working for 3.55

    somehow this evening - i've inadvertently changed something (my best guess) and now, some games (which were working fine before) - are now prompting this error, on a hdtv connected via hdmi.

    games prompt "You cannot play this game at the current video output setting (80028F10)"

    ive tried resetting the video mode / settings to default etc but to no avail.

    anyone able to provide some ideas on how i might fix this ? - i'm tempted to just do a format on the ps3 + ext harddrive and start from scratch (running rebug 3.55.2)

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    CHX Guest


    just go to debug menu (if you are in rebug cfw) and change video output to 420 or 720

    if it doesn't work... pm me

    i have a way

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    mrfunkyjunkie Guest
    CHX has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her.

    ^ dunno whats goin on with the forums.

    I have even tried mod'ing the param.sfo to allow all vid modes etc - just cant get it to work. im resolved that im going to have to format and start from scratch soon

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    Apr 2005
    PMs aren't enabled until he makes (2) Quality Posts, so your best bet at the moment is to use this ongoing thread for help.

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    mrfunkyjunkie Guest
    so, it seems it wasnt something id changed after all - this came about, after formatting / reflashing my ps3 from scratch.

    problem seems to lie with the eboot's - so time to bust out the hex editor and see whats different between the eboots that work and dont.

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