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    Question PS3 error 80010514 on slim 320gb help?

    hey hey, I have a slim 320gb with progskeet installed. i made a dump of my nor and flashed back (to test the read/write function)

    the write function seemed to be fine (erased nor, confirmed with red flashing light, flashed back to nor and working boot/xmb etc)

    my problem is... whenever i try to instal anything (elite for instance) i get error 80010514. i have researched the error, sony implemented this in fw 3.61+ so ppl cant swap hdd's

    but... its my original hdd. cant do anything without this error popping up. tried to reinstall 4.00 fw same error, via recovery mode, ex usb etc etc

    anybody have any ideas?

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    Do you have a backup of your hard drive. If you did you could always zero out the drive and then see if you can't get it back that way.

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    nope, was in a rush to test for some daft reason lol, but i may zero the hdd and try from there, thanks

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    If you have an extra you could always put it in there and see if it will work.

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    have tried to zero the drive, even update to 4.10. same problem

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    Brendan - can you PM me your address? I'll come to yours this Sunday (100%) to have a tinker etc.

    To fix that you'll need to start your PS3 and get into the recovery menu, then select "Rebuild Filesystem" - this should sort it. You might have to format the HDD in your PC first. Have you tried another HDD in it?

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