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    BugaWuga Guest

    Exclamation PS3 Error 80010514 Issues with PSN servers?

    Hi all,

    I appreciate I'm a newbie on the site, well to the scene actually , but I've owned a PS3 for a little over 2 years now. All has been well until I decided to treat myself to a new game.

    For the last 8 months or more the PS3 has been neglected and only used on occasions as an expensive DVD player. It's mainly been due to a lack of spare time. Anyway, I went and bought a copy of Tekken 6 from Game. It came without the retail box but was new with the manual. Bargain I thought at 7 versus 25 - okay it was without the retail sleeve but surely thats refleceted in the price!

    I inserted the disc and found that although the XMB recognised Tekken 6 was inserted and displayed the Tekken 6 game graphics in the background, the game wouldn't execute. The screen flickers quickly (as per usual) but returns to the XMB stating an error occured; 'Error 80010514. An error occured during the start up operation'. I scratched my head and then started googling...

    At this point I become aware many consider this the RROD for the PS3 but at the same time it must be noted this seems to be a catch all error when the console fails to execute a game. This would be irrespective of whether it's due to a failed BluRay lens, corrupt hdd or other problem. Clearly the console has an inability to diagnose. So I begin diagnosing as best I can...

    Regrettably I recetly traded in all my games except COD4 but I did keep all my BluRays. All movies work fine including dvd's with COD4 working flawlessly. I don't have access to another PS3 console so can't stricty say it's not the disc. But I did notice a few things.

    After the game was inserted the drive wasn't spinning as loud as COD4. I've checked and COD4 still launches fine and spins as fast as before. Also, I have my wireless router next to the PS3. Immediately after I choose to boot Tekken 6 from the XMB the router starts sending and receiving data. I believe this is the PS3. I've done this many times with no laptops connected and each time there's activity as the PS3 tries to boot the game. Each time I receive the error and a few seconds later I receive a prompt on the PS3 [top right corner] saying "Signed in"...

    I've booted in to the recovery mode and restored the file system, reformated the hdd and updated the OS. I have at all costs, avoided updating due to the loss of "Other OS". But at this point I was concerned at the possibility of having an expensive paperweight versus keeping a games console. I updated to 3.21 - still no difference.

    I also went so far as to download 3.30 from the Sony UK site and install it via USB (wasn't showing as being available on the PS3 itself). Again, this update made no difference. Finally, I removed the hdd and installed it in my laptop. I formatted it and ran diagnostics. It passed them each time. For good measure I installed XP on it before returning it to the PS3 forcing the PS3 to format it again and it did. Alas, it's still not booting.

    I phoned Sony at this point. To say they have a piss poor customer service is a gross understatement. Their customer services representative claimed there was no fault despite not knowing the error code and claimed this was normal behaviour for the console. Upon hearing this I request the call be taken to a more senior level and he refused saying noone will take the call, point blank but someone would return the call within 24hrs!

    I received a call and Sony have confirmed they're fully aware of the error code and they believe they have identified most causes for this error but refused to divulge this information. This was on the premise some of the potential work required on the console could only be carried out by a trained technician due to health and safety. Instead they offered me a repair service for 130. The console package cost me in excess of 350 2 yrs ago.

    I refuse to pay out again. Particularly as the UK has the Sales of Goods Act covering electrical goods of a significant value not fulfilling it's expected life. This is generally deemed as 6 yrs from purchase. Sony claimed I must take this up with the retailer and not them directly but did acknowledge the console would end up with them anyway. Retailer returning to supplier, supplier to Sony. Still they would offer me no free of charge repair or replacement.

    Back on topic.. I've spent further time googling and there appears to be others who have had Tekken 6 do this, with the distinct possibility other titles being 'affected'. My thoughts are where games are primarilly inserted for the first time and PS3s prompt for "the latest game data to be download" my PS3 is attempting this but failing to make contact to the relevant server each instance.

    The PS3 was NAT2 and I've now also moved it to DMZ removing any possibility of it being the router and the connection with the ISP. I've gone through all settings a million times and made multiple amendments including the restore of factory setting which would have followed the system restores, all to no avail.

    Further to the above motion I believe there is potential for a conflict between the discs auto run of checking for updated data to download and the system not being able to go - "oh, there's no connection, we'll just have to boot with what we've got and check when we next go online.." rather than simply throwing up an error.

    Apologies for the lengthy post. But I do think I've spotted a contributing factor for this error. I've dismissed a faulty BluRay drive and a bad hdd - both being the most common causes found over the internet.

    Your thoughts please.

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    Apr 2005


    I gave you a +Rep for your lengthy and detailed post BugaWuga. Despite some conflicting reports that it may be PS3 HDD related, a quick search for that code indicates it's actually due to a dying/dead Blu-ray drive laser lens.

    Here are some related threads on it:







    80010514 - Dead BD lens.
    80010516 - Dead BD lens (happens at different occasions, code above is more common).
    Quote Originally Posted by BugaWuga View Post
    I've dismissed a faulty BluRay drive and a bad hdd - both being the most common causes found over the internet.
    The reason I wouldn't personally be quick to dismiss the laser as the cause of the error is because the error code lists are derived from internal Sony documents and the last few links come from people who repair PS3 consoles for a living.

    If I was a betting man, my money would be on the laser unfortunately. I would, if you haven't already, try a PS3 Hard Reset though... as it doesn't cost anything and is worth a try.

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    BugaWuga Guest
    I don't seem to be able to follow those steps and receive the initial start up screen. The only way for me to get that is through the recovery menu and choosing Restore Playstation System (of the top of my head) which has been done, with all other options in the menu.

    I'm still not confident in believing this is isolated to a lens that is fully functional with 10 BluRays I have, plus COD4. I do really appreciate your help and input greatly though.

    I've come across this. Whilst it's bad english it seems to show someone had this error with a different phrase appearing.


    Error 80010514: unable to obtain/create trophy data

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    zoned Guest


    It may be a problem with your tekken 6 disc. My copy of Tekken 6 refuses to be accepted on my new slim PS3 but the older fat PS3 runs it with no problem (with 3.15). I have not come across this problem with any other disc.

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