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    richleva Guest

    Confused PS3 Error 80010017 help?

    I got a PS3 with a bad blu ray drive, I was gonna use it for only backups on 3.55 kmeaw patch L9, however trying to load a game gives me Error 80010017.

    google tells me its my blu ray drive. is there a way to play my backups, and bypass the blu ray drive...?

    any ideas??

    Thanks guys!!

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    Apr 2005
    Yep, according to Sony error 80010017 is the following: There was an issue loading the game.

    Description: The PlayStation 3 system wasn't able to load the game or game data. This may be caused by a dirty or scratched disc or the game data couldn't load. Try this:
    • Clean the disc and reinstall the game data.
    • If you continue to have issues, enter Safe Mode and select "Restore File System" and try to load the game again.

    As for playing games on PS3 consoles with a broken Blu-ray drive, we had a thread around here somewhere on that... I will add it to this post if I find it.

    Edit: Here is one idea, not what I was looking for though: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cf...ve-120055.html

    A few more related threads:


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    Natepig Guest
    What game are you trying to load? That error does indicate a bluray error but it can be for other reasons when using backup managers. It may be that there is a specific fix for the game you are trying. They say that cobra has 100% discless compatabilty so that might be better for you.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    The problem may also be the Eboot.bin. This usually happens if the game is fixed with a bad Eboot.bin file. If it's just that one game that's not working, it is most likely your problem.

    Try updating the game (Make sure the update isn't 3.60+)

    or Replacing the Eboot.bin if no updates are available for the game.

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