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Thread: PS3 Emulator & Lan Party?

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    econd Guest

    Question PS3 Emulator & Lan Party?

    I have been told from couple of people that you can play your backup ps3 games on either your xmb OS windows or your computer via a emulator.

    I have been looking around yesterday and i haven't found any sites claiming this.

    could someone please fill me in with the details.

    p.s im getting another ps3 within this week and going to be hooked up in the bedroom, which will be connected to a home network, if i want to play lan party. do i have to buy 2 copies of the game or can i take out the bluray in play mode or something ??

    Thank you

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    MrFloppi Guest
    Im not a professional i must admit but i guess i can ensure u there is not going to be a ps3 emulator any time soon... no need to wait for it right now xD.

    As far as i know u can only play the game in the playstation its inserted into... meaning one game can only be played on one ps3 simultaneously ...

    Hope that helped ya


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    ne3b Guest
    i don't want even imagine what kind of super computer you had to have to be able to play a ps3 game on it..

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    aldostools Guest
    Most downloadable PSN games allow them to be installed in up to 5 PS3 consoles (the account that purchased it should be installed in each of these PS3). So LAN party in some PSN games is feasible.

    In some BRD games you can extract the disc after the game loads the stage and the game keep playing, but the game probably will hang or stop when it tries to read the BRD, making it very difficult to share a BRD game among 2 or more PS3.

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    theflippa Guest
    Why dont you just play multiplayer on one console, instead of getting some tvs and ps3s into one room?

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    Pretikewl Guest
    From what I've researched, just doing PS2 emulation requires massive hardware with a CPU that's the equivilant of a 10GHz (read that from some article, don't ask me for a link as it was a long time ago). I'm sure multi core cpu's are better at it now though.

    Even PSX emulation is still hit or miss, even with some of the great emulators out there and problems with hardware compatibility. I've been trying to get some of my origianl PSX games to play/sound the same as they do on the PSX console for a while now, using a pretty good pc without 100% success.

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