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Thread: PS3 Emulator: Good Or Bad?

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    DragonHunter717 Guest

    Question PS3 Emulator: Good Or Bad?

    Any Opinions on the succes rate?

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    You mean PS2 emulation on the PS3 console? As there is no PS3 emulator yet... or did you mean emulators for the PS3 such as SNES/Genesis etc?

    If you meant PS2 emulation (backwards compatibility) on the PS3, check the links below:



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    trc919 Guest
    Running a PS2 emulator would be neat on PS3 the only problem is that only the discontinued 60 gb uses hardware emulation which would make PS2 emulation easier. On the 80 gb model the software emulation would present a whole mess of problems with code.

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    wiruzman Guest
    I've 60gb version, it just have all features, you dont need anymore. The only thing could be, is to upgrade the HDD.

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