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Thread: ps3 eboot error?

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    trashchris Guest

    ps3 eboot error?

    guys just looking for confirmation.

    i gotta copy of skate 3 and transferred it to ps3 via ftp. backup manager sees the game but i get this error "game eboot.bin isnot valid cant launch"

    now i wasn't sure if this is because the eboot wasnt decrypted or if i had the folder name wrong. i have tried:


    but get the same error do you think its the eboot or am i doing it wrong?


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    farenheit Guest
    You sure this is a backup made from Backup Manager? Sounds like its an old rip.

    P.S. The name of the folder doesnt matter as BM will pick up the game, the folder names are for your reference.

    As long as you know which folder it is and you have ftp'd it over then you should be ok, however the error seems to be related to the rip.

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