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Thread: PS3 Eboot.bin files modding help?

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    Abigoriktus Guest

    PS3 Eboot.bin files modding help?

    Hi again

    I just wanted to ask if someone would please explain to me step by step on how to modify the eboot.bin of say Dragon age 2 to be able to play it on kmeaw 3.55. I would really appreciate it, I read that you can use Deanrr`s new ebootMOD, ebootFIX tool as well, but that kind of mind boggles me, because those two are obviously for different things.

    I just want to know because I`m thinking of buying dragon age 2 this weekend, and if I can learn now how to modify those eboot`s, then I`ll know how and never have to ask again. I`m sorry if this was already asked, I just want to make sure I know how to do these stuff so when I have to then I`ll know what to do. Thank you And my sincere apologies for the long paragraph.

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    F4b10 Guest
    i haven't tried it yet, but the EBOOTMOD should be the one you need... simply drag and drop the original eboot.bin on the file and you will have the _modified one.

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    If you haven't seen it yet, there are a few guides on using the tools to modify EBOOT files here which may be of help as well:

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