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Thread: PS3 DVDROM can I remarry help?

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    karpof Guest

    PS3 DVDROM can I remarry help?

    Hi i'm new i have picked up a ps3 (fat ) (checg03) on 4.41 firmware but dvdrom don't work have another dvdrom but different from original, is there anything i can do with this ps3 without a flasher thanx so i can swap the dvdroms over.

    hope i'm in right section thanx again guys

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    racer0018 Guest
    If you have the original Blu-ray control board you can just change out all but the control board. If you don't have the control board that is married to it you will have to downgrade the ps3 and remarry it to the ps3. Thanks.

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    karpof Guest
    hi sorry took so long to get back... been working... i have original BD board but the other BD rom and board are different from the original,.. if i have to downgrade it.. can i downgrade from 4.41 firmware?

    also I have a USB blackcat lead, is it of any use with PS3?

    this is the jtag lead


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    racer0018 Guest
    The black cat does nothing anymore for the ps3. It can be downgraded from 4.41 but it all depends on the model number of the ps3 on the items needed to downgrade it. If from the states send it my way and I will downgrade and remarry for you so you don't have to mess with it. However if you want to do it your self let me know and I will help. But first step is the model number. Thanks.

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    karpof Guest

    PS3 downgrade questions help?

    its a checg03 on 4.41 and i'm in uk.

    ps thanx for your offer appreciated.

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