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    mistermoe Guest

    PS3 Dumped games not installing help?


    i have the following problem, i am using Hermes V4b and open manager v2.1

    i copied fifa 2011 to ps3 HD. the game appear in open manager.. however when i launch it, it just restart to the main menu!!!

    what am i doing wrong? please help

    i also copied assassins creed game, it launched correctly but i wasnt able to install due to trophies error which i couldnt fix.

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    Natepig Guest
    Are these original discs that you are copying to the hdd? If you have played the original discs first you have to erase the game data and save data before backup and launch.

    If I remember right assassins creed brotherhood might need some steps to work, there is a tutorial availabe on ps3news for that though.

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    mistermoe Guest
    i am downloading these games off the net and no i didn't play them before.

    what's wrong ? am dying here..

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    costocart Guest
    make sure you have original game disc (whatever game that you have) in the bd drive

    1. try using different payload (PL3 for example)
    2. try using different BM (Gaia, MultiMan, Cover)
    3. if still not working it could probably be due to problem with the backup game itself. sometimes the backup is corrupted, not properly ripped, missing some files, or the files are not in the appropriate folders.

    Check the comments and description before downloading anything to see if it works and what configurations are needed to play the game. much like when you download movies, pc games or software from the net. its common sense.

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