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Thread: PS3 Dualshock malfunction help?

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    pauliux963 Guest

    PS3 Dualshock malfunction help?

    So I dropped my PS3 controller few times accidently (it cracked where the bottom screws are). And from out of nowhere the controller randomly presses buttons (mostly the triangle or R2) by itself. I decided to disassemble and clean it, but now it just got worse.

    Is there any solution besides buying a new controller?


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    Liongooder Guest
    You can check this video & yes i dropped mine a few times,some times it presses R1 & L1, but i figured that the problem is from the USB cable or from the inlet itself you can check it out,maybe you have the same problem, hope this helps.

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    BlackStallion Guest
    i have experience with this as i regualrly take mine apart for cleaning and i also mod and repair controllers.

    the ps3 controllers are VERY temperamental during reassembly.. if you dont do it perfect you will end up making a problem worse. regular cleaning of the controller is a good idea. because that was likely the cause of your random button presses. its unlikely that dropping it caused the issue, so after you do a thorough cleaning TAKE YOUR TIME during the reassembly because thats probably where you went wrong.

    the boards inside are pretty durable and broken ribbon inside would make the buttons not work AT ALL. your best bet is to try to take apart and reassemble it.

    if that doesnt work, then its likely the board, in which case youre better off finding a new controller off ebay

    hope i helped

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    Natepig Guest
    Unless you have surgeon steady hands buy a new controller. Saying that the price of a controller is way overpriced in the uk.

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    sharred Guest
    Lol, you don't need surgeon hands, I ain't an expert but I already replaced the batteries in two of my sixaxis.

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