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    n42100 Guest

    PS3 Dual Boot Hard Drives help?

    Ok, so im getting my ps3 the abilty to dual boot via the e3 or whatever, and i noticed you needed 2 hard drives for it to work. So i was wondering if i could use the internal as one, and use an external partitioned wester digital hard drive.

    Would that work, and would i have to do something like format it. Thanks!

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    1roberto12 Guest
    Yes it would work. I'm not sure if you have to format it first and make one partition. It's safer to do so.

    But the ps3 will do it anyway cause it has to make its own file system.

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    jmuckey2 Guest
    you can use one hdd instead of two

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    windrider42 Guest
    Two drives is better. One for CFW and one For OFW and yes you can use 2.5 or 3.5, but I believe its better to have only one partition on it.

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