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Thread: PS3 Drive won't take discs anymore help?

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    Tim14ww Guest

    PS3 Drive won't take discs anymore help?


    A year ago (or something) I opened up my drive to get a DVD out, 'caus I had a YLOD. Now my YLOD is fixed, so I put my drive in, but it won't take discs.. What is wrong?


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    barrybarryk Guest
    you obviously put the drive back together wrong, double check it.

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    DENEGRAO Guest
    try to open again your bd drive and make a test, maybe the motor is broken.

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    Tim14ww Guest
    Mhh, Will look at that now. Thanks!

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    joffe Guest
    probably some levers of the plastic cover are misaligned. try to remove it (levers snap into ejected position), press eject for >12s (loading motor should run for several seconds, unloading the tray), then replace the lid without any force. now you can test whether disks are pulled in correctly.

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    Tim14ww Guest
    Mhh, got the BD here now. Put it back together again, test it, and there is a weird sound (like there is something want to move but can't, like TRRRRRRRRRR, or something xd). So now I have it in parts here again, but I don't know HOW to put it back together the right way. Anyone have a good tut or something?


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    Bulion Guest
    Double check connections to BD drive. Then try before putting disk to it play some homebrew to heat PS3. After 10 min put a BD disk to drive.

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    Tim14ww Guest
    Hmm, next issue. The BD Will eat the disc now, but it won't come out. Something I do wrong?


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    Bulion Guest
    You wrong assembly BD Drive. I have this trouble too. Look at youtube how to assembly it.

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    Tim14ww Guest
    hmm, the problem is, I think, there is a clip on the front of the drive (without case, what lifts the protect the enter of the drive, weird description..). When i lift that clip up, the disc come out, when that clip is down, the disc won't come out.. But the problem is it wil only lift when I do it manually.. Will look at youtube now to assemble it again.


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