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Thread: PS3 drive question help?

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    dudderidge Guest

    PS3 drive question help?

    hi I had a problem with my blueray drive as it would not read any disk so bought a new drive still the same problem when you put disk in makes a click noise and stops disk not going round what else can I do now its a 160gb slim thanks

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    windrider42 Guest
    Try cleaning the laser lens, or you may have to replace the laser lens.

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    metzen Guest
    Hi dudderridge you could also please check to make sure the ribbon cable is inserted properly on both ends. The gold contacts should not be visible. Please give this a try and report back.


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    drphuz Guest
    How do regular cd's or or blurays ot dvd's act?

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    onehanded Guest
    Is there a way to remarry a blueray drive on a fat ps3 on 4.50 ofw?

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    windrider42 Guest
    You should have started your own thread. But no , you would have to downgrade to CFW 3.55 to remarry a blu ray drive.

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