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Thread: PS3 drive not reading even after replacement help?

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    BlackStallion Guest

    Removing PS3 ribbon causes YLOD help?

    so i pulled the ribbon wire connecting the 2 usb's to the mobo while the PS3 was on.. it beeped and shut off now shows YLOD.

    its a CECHH-01, whats wrong here?

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    windrider42 Guest
    You shouldn't remove any cables or wires while the PS3 is running. Probably panicked like a computer would.

    I don't know if you reconnect everything and unplug it for a couple hours. Try again.

    If not you may have shorted something out.

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    BlackStallion Guest
    I'll try swapping out the USB hub for a diff one and see if that works... its weird cause i've done this several times before and never had the YLOD

    well i have the flasher installed and all.. but i keep getting these errors.. i keep solving the error only to be confronted with another. i have a valid dump and have updated the flasher, but nowhere after that, because i get a "cannot read the TF card" error

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    BerserkLeon Guest
    is your TF card in the whole way? In my experience you need to pull the metal cover up, it's on a hinge so it should open relatively easily, but mine broke so I have to hold it on when I want to do something with it. the end of the TF card should be sticking out a teensy bit beyond the metal cover.

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    sluggastatus Guest
    I'm having a similar issue. I have CECH 2001a and just replaced the laser. Worked fine but eject mechanism wasn't working. Reset that and now the new laser won't read disc. All ribbons are connected firmly. Not sure what to do now

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    BlackStallion Guest
    that was my problem at first.. i realized that was an issue when i was getting another error, but now it doesnt want to work even with it in place the right way

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    windrider42 Guest
    Make sure the pins are not bent at all where the microsd goes in. This can happen very easily.

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