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    PS3 downgrading successfully from 3.50 help?

    I have GT5 and my PS3 screaming at me to upgrade so I can play the game. It seems as if the only way to play this game from a JB PS3 is to have an original disc. But that is not possible yet. While the battle is being fought by the hackers, I'm thinking that perhaps I should update to OFW 3.50. But I don't want to risk the ability to JB my PS3.

    So I would like to know, has anyone here successfully downgraded from OFW 3.50 and managed to JB their downgraded PS3 without issues?

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    I'd also like to know this, anyone downgraded with PSDowngrade yet?

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    I too would like to know as Need For Speed requires 3.50 and I'm getting a little anxious as all it is doing at the moment is collecting dust

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    Has the PSDowngrade even started being sold? if so its hard to imagine that no one on this site has played with it. I know the files have been leaked but have they been tried with the PSJailbreak stick?

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    PS Downgrade is on sale, but I don't know if it is sold. I think if the right people get it, they can get the code and make it to an working *.hex or *.bin.

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    yeah the downgrade is public. people (not many) have used it.

    no real news or anything about it though as nobody really jumped into the original jailbreak as it costed like $170 at launch.

    either way - wait

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    Hi m8, do yourself a favour don't risk upgrading for GT5, I've got a 3.41 and a 3.50 console and I've regrettably bought GT5 and it's the most disappointing game ever all the hype and anticipation a waste of time, I kept it on for around 3 hours and it bored me to tears loading times are ridiculous even though I've done the 8GB install, I'd scrore the game 3/10, I'd give NFS Shift 8/10 and the good news is you can play that on your JB console, so just put that on, if you never get to play GT5 you've missed nothing.

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    protip: get a ylod fat ps3 for like $50

    repair it for free, update it to 3.50


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    Thanks for all the replies so far - I'm sure this is what AA meetings feel like with the support and all! Thanks for the warm fuzzy feeling guys!!! hehehe

    I just can't see how it would be possible to downgrade once you have upgraded! $ony fixed the "USB bug" in higher FW releases. How would it be possible for the PS3 to recognise an "unsigned" USB device to facilitate downgrading?

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    i own a genuine psjailbreak and i can tell you there is no problem to downgrade. i've done it several times just 4 fun from 3.50 to 3.15 without the special 3.41 firmware. updated again to 3.50 and downgraded to 3.41 with the modded 3.41 firmware from the jailbreak team.


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