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    PS3 Downgrading real or fake?

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    It's fake. Basically, the PS3 will look to a file located on a Sony server (like this: http://fus01.ps3.update.playstation....updatelist.txt)

    If you edit some parameters (similar way as to doing the FW bypass) it will show a "new" version (that, can be old) - all seems fine, until the PUP is actually downloaded, then the system will realize it is an older version, and not downgrade.

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    My vote goes to fake, but I did chuckle at the way he pronounced Sony (SooNeey) as "SahhNeey"

    I agree with CJPC, the updatelist.txt was simply modified is all... he keeps repeating the word "downgrade" in the video (and hiding a private IP that isn't routable ), but says nothing remotely technical to make me believe otherwise.


    PS: The first PS3 downgraded would actually have been years ago, with an Infectus Mod.

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    pmsl - sahhney

    Yeah, I agree with CJPC and PS3NEWS - looks like he's just connected to a modifed ps3-updatelist.txt. It's a sham he only shows up to it starting the download - the next few mins would be more interesting if he got anywhere with the actual Install!

    I notice he says something link "and now it's installing" - no dumbass, now it's DOWNLOADING!

    anyway - interesting for 5 mins i guess.


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    Definately Fake as he has not given any details.

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    Umm... Shouldn't we be able to, like, modify Sony's Update Check file and redirect the URL to a modified version for an update bypass?

    It has probably already been tried. Plus, it sounds too easy to work... But it works with downloading updates.

    I really wish there was a downgrade/bypass method... I am dying to see the Disgaea Home space.

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    Arghh how many fakes will be shown us? So stupid to create fakes for nothing...

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