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Thread: PS3 Downgrading & Jailbreaking help?

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    D3M0N2009 Guest

    PS3 Downgrading & Jailbreaking help?

    What's up guys,

    Been a while since I've posted on here, got some downtime so decided to break out the PS3, and its been brought to my attention that the PS3 has finally been hacked, so my question is where to start?, I've got a 40GB PS3 from late 2008 its a CECHG02 unit and is currently running the latest firmware.

    From what i've read the ideal firmware to be on is 3.55 so how do I downgrade this unit (if I can do so), and or what hardware is required to downgrade it. Also how would I go about then flashing it to a custom firmware since there seems to be a thousand different types?


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    mrfunkyjunkie Guest
    To downgrade from OFW higher than 3.55 you need a flasher (e3 or progskeet are your best bet)

    look them up - e3 has a decent install guide, and i believe progskeet has related howto's for ps3 flashing

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    Hi Mrfunky,

    So I did a bit of research on the two units, and have found that my motherboard is NAND flash so the E3 unit would be useless is this correct?, and as for Progskeet it seems this has to be soldered down, which is a bit out of my skill level, are there any other alternatives or am I incorrect in my above assumptions?


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    BluRay Guest
    You can get a clip for Progskeet to eliminate the need of soldering skills, or you could get a professional to install It for you as It's something quite simple If you know what you're doing. An even easier/cheaper solution would be sell your current PS3 and buy an used one already at a lower FW/CFW.

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