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Thread: PS3 downgrading help?

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    joekrow Guest

    PS3 downgrading help?

    I took my game for downgrading the guy said he did everything including Jailbreaking it and showed me even the Rogero Manager and he connected his external with games I did see them..

    When I check the system firmware it says 4.25 I am asking is that an OFW or CFW with the Rogero Manager and how do I know I am safe to go with putting on my games because I don't even know how a bricked Console looks like can anyone explain to me what is happening?

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    Tim14ww Guest
    The latest custom firmwares just will show 4.25

    if it has the manager it is a custom firmware, and you can't brick your PS3 by playing games..

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    raja041285 Guest


    it is true we can downgrade 4.25 by ourselves?

    please show me how to downgrade 4.25 to 3.55

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    Tim14ww Guest
    yes you can, but you need to do it with a Hardware flasher such as the E3, but you have to open your PS3 to build it in...

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    Djmatrix32 Guest
    Both Rebug and Rogero have firmware that allows CFW users to go from CFW 4.25 back down to CFW 3.55 without a flasher.

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    deathman754 Guest
    have they created something like this for the new ofw 4.41?

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    racer0018 Guest
    No. It needs to be on Cfw first before you can downgrade without a flasher.

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