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    ajer2009 Guest

    Confused PS3 Downgrading help?


    This might be a dumb question but since I've searched over this forum, and over and over and read almost everything related to downgrading, it still didn't really straight forward answered my question and it some what became confusing.

    I have the CECHB01 version of the PS3, very first one almost that came out. I've had it previously on 3.55 or even lower using the PS3 dongle, the nice cool blue one.

    Anyways, everything was perfect till one of my kids figured out that sneaking into their parents room, turning the ps3 on and pressing bunch of buttons was a great thing. That said, they some how got the PS3 involved in an upgrade. I had no choice but to upgrade since it kept asking over and over, even trying to use the PS3 dongle.

    Now, I'm currently on the newest 4.30 OFW and since I've read so much here are couple questions I hope someone can answer quickly for me without any trouble;

    1.) At the stage I am now, can I downgrade from 4.30 OFW to 4.30 CFW using Rogero CEX 4.30 CFW v1.00 PS3 Custom Firmware by just going through the system upgrade area ??

    2.) or do I need to first use the Progskeet 1.2 downgrade it to 3.55 CFW and then do the upgrade using multiman to Rogero CEX 4.30 ??

    If anyone does ask, my lowest firmware is like 1.20 or so...

    Thanks for your help

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    G Sus Guest
    No sorry you need a hardware flasher to downgrade from ofw.

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    ajer2009 Guest
    Great, thank you - it's what I thought now I don't see CECHB01 in any of the lists compatibility but I'm guessing only Progskeet will work since E3 isn't NAND compatible.

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    TitanTX Guest
    I'm guessing you have the 60GB by the model number and that would be a NAND console, you could also try judges teensy++ i think it was called but i would go with progskeet, or get somebody to downgrade your system for you.

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    G Sus Guest
    getting someone to do it for you is easier , safer , and usually cheaper.

    look in the forums for unbricking and downgradeing service. there will be someone in there who can help.

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    racer0018 Guest
    I can help you out if in the states. and if the U.K. then mushy will help you out. thanks

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