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Thread: PS3 downgrading green flashing power light help?

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    jimbo999 Guest

    PS3 downgrading green flashing power light help?

    I'm trying to jailbreak/downgrade with e4 flasher.

    No problems so far, until I need to put in my USB with .self and update pup. After a few seconds, power light starts flashing...which I assume is a sign of something gone bad (as it stays like that forever). There is a log file placed on the USB that contains:
    manufacturing updating start
    PackageName = /dev_usb000/PS3UPDAT.PUP
    settle polling interval success
    vflash is enabled...
    creating system regions...
    get_device_info() device_id = 0x101000000000007, failure = -2147418110
    setup_storage_regions() failure
    manufacturing updating FAILURE(0x8002f0e0)
    Total Elapsed time = 30934 msec
    Any advice? I'd love to finish this downgrade, which has been nothing but problems. Cheers.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Sorry didn't answer your pm but been busy with many things. Ok what firmware are you trying to install. And seeing the log from the service mode it is not taking the downgrade. Do you still have the e3 installed. And if you do what switches are you using when you boot up the ps3. Thanks

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