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    dsfrgt Guest

    PS3 Downgrading and CFW questions help?

    Hello I am new to playstation community and would like some help regarding the cfw of ps3. Recently I bought a used ps3 that has ofw 2.76 and I am thinking of buying the fantastic game Nba 2k13 which I want to play online (I know ofw is needed!) Though I am thinking about a cfw that will enable me to play many games. I have a few questions and I hope all fellow ps3 users.

    I tried to read most of the posts, they are a lot, but I got a pretty good picture, still though have some questions.

    I am buying a recent game like Nba 2k13, I suppose through the installation of the game, a more recent ofw will be installed. So through some of the steps described here and files available on the net I will try to downgrade it.

    1) What are the risks of a faillure of installing the downgraded cfw? For example 3.55 cfw that most people say works great.
    2) Is there a way to ensure that if a downgraded installation fails I can reset the machine to its previous state? Can I copy some files from the ps3? Can I just Update its firmware?
    3) How can I know in advance if my machine, ps3 fat 60gb, is able to take the downgrade process from an early ofw to the 3.55 cfw?
    4) The horrific “brick” state that many people describe, how possible is it to happen to an old fat ps3? Can it be unbricked with just a usb or another software process, or the device must be physically opened by an expert?

    Thank you in advance.

    Sorry for my long post, but many questions from a newbie

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    racer0018 Guest
    Since your ps3 is on ofw 2.76 then all that you have to do is update to ofw 3.55. and then install a cfw of your choice. I would say that rogero 4.30 v 2.05 is a good one for someone that is just starting out.

    You dont need to downgrade since your ps3 is on a low firmware now. If you are on cfw you can play online however you will get banned. You cant unbrick a ps3 from a usb if it gets to a brick then you will need a hardware flasher to fix it.

    When ever you install any kind of firmware on a ps3 if that is ofw or cfw there is always a risk of bricking the machine. So if you want to play online then i would say you will have to update your ps3 to the latest ofw and than do it that way and get another ps3 for cfw or just install cfw on this machine and take the risk of getting your account and your ps3 banned. thanks

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    Apr 2005
    I moved this here where it belongs, as we don't allow help in the BST area it's only for buying, selling and trading because posts there do not get archived.

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    mschumacher69 Guest
    Don't worry a lot about this, CFWs are reliable nowadays, they are as reliable as OFW, I wouldn't say there's no risk in installing, but the risk is the same as when installing any OFW, so you'll be fine.

    So in your case, go through this process all from XMB and make sure there are no original game disk in the drive:

    OFW 3.55 > CFW 3.55 kmeaw > Enable QA > Install latest multiMAN and make a NOR/Nand dump (precaution) > Rebug 4.30.1 (or Rogero 4.30 v2.05 but I recommend Rebug)

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    jolo24 Guest
    hello, i have failed to downgrade my ps3 to cfw 3.55 from ofw 3.56v1. now i'm stuck at only the recovery option. its not bricked yet

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    racer0018 Guest
    You have to give us more information then that. Like the steps you did to get to this point. Thanks.

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