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Thread: PS3 Downgrade with teensy++ 2.0 help?

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    mat989 Guest

    PS3 Downgrade with teensy++ 2.0 help?

    I soldered the teensy and placed it permanently inside the PS3 slim like explained. Now, if you look at the screenshot you will notice that I was able to dump/patch/write/verify the nor without issues thanks to the developers of the tools used.

    I have an old psgrade_teensy_at90usb1286_16.hex so I programmed my 2nd teensy with that hex file and tried to boot the console in to service mode... but it seems that does not work, the screen is blank as if the video source is not available or perhaps the PS3 is not booting at all. The BD drive and HDD is already attached, the only missing piece is the upper plastic cover... Any clues?

    Attached are 3 screens... One showing the whole process of dumping/patching/writing/verifying the flash using python and cmd tools. 2nd showing the integrity of the dumped flash using PS3 Flash Tool. 3rd is a comparison between two patched images, one using the cmd tools and the other using PS3 flash tool. They differ so I tried both, yet booting the console leads to blank screen as if no video source or hanged system.

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    metzen Guest
    Please get a hold of Racer and upload your dump to a fileshare. He will be able to look at your dump and hopefully get it up and running again for you.

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    mat989 Guest
    Thnx, but since the tool shows that it is OK, what could be the issue?

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    racer0018 Guest
    When trying to boot the ps3 do you have the teensy plugged into a USB. If so don't do that leave it unplugged when trying to boot the ps3. Also verifying the dump should be done with a hex editor and you looking it over. I have ran a dump through the same program that knew was bad and it still said it was ok. These are great tools but one should still look at the dump. Thanks.

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    mat989 Guest
    Anyway, I made a 2 identical dumps -confirmed that by comparing them- before proceeding... I will try to figure out what to do...


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    racer0018 Guest
    I also how do you have the teensy setup. Do you have it set up where you cut the trace for the 5 volt pad and shorted the two 3 volt pads under the teensy.


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    h82skate1968 Guest
    If your dumps are good I would dump the original back then see if the console will go back to normal. Then start the process again. I have had problems with a couple consoles and this process worked for me.

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    mat989 Guest
    Yes, 5 is cut and the pads are shorted. The teensy is done similar to those guys, next to the hdd, permanent setup. As I stated earlier, I dumped twice, compared... and then I did proceed. I did write the original back to the system... it stayed blank... as if it did hang.

    I am not sure what caused that. I thought the teensy in the system might be the source of the problem... later I though that cant be true since the system did power on and my PC detected the teensy, and did the normal dump process w/o issues...

    so what do you think?!

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    racer0018 Guest
    Upload a dump to a file share site and message me the link and I will look at it. I can't really say much unless I see the dump. That will tell me if it is that or isn't. Also you could try and unsolder the power to the teensy and see if that works. Thanks

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