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Thread: PS3 Downgrade question help?

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    tgh0wnz Guest

    PS3 Downgrade question help?

    I have 2 ps3 slims, one is running 3.41, the other is on 3.10. I currently have a x3max dongle and was wondering if the ps3break hex would work to downgrade. I want to downgrade the 3.10 ps3 to 3.0 or prior, just any firmware without Cinavia, it is my understanding it was added in 3.01.

    Would I just follow the guide to downgrade a 3.5 to 3.41 but instead use a different unmodified firmware or would this even be doable? Or is there just a media player homebrew app that will run bluray backups without Cinavia?


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    tgh0wnz Guest
    Anyone know of any guides available to do this?

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    All of the downgrade guides and related files are added in this thread as they are released:

    Check the attachments HERE for x3downgrade.pdf and

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