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Thread: ps3 downgrade methods

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    thedoginthewok Guest

    ps3 downgrade methods


    Do I need a modchip to downgrade my ps3 to a lower Firmware version ?

    I read something about this, but I can't remember where it was...

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    Mythi Guest
    why would you want to downgrade? debug-fw? meh..

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    Apr 2005
    Correct, at the moment the only way is to backup your PS3 flash with an Infectus Mod, and then you can return to that FW version after updating whenever you wish basically.

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    thedoginthewok Guest
    I just want to know it

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    Narmak29 Guest
    well short, there is no way to downgrade yet

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    Did you read my post above? Clearly there is, it requires the Infectus PS3 Mod.

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