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    Trudraikkon1984 Guest

    PS3 downgrade help please?

    Ok... I have searched every where and I cant figure out really how to do this. My system is a CECH2501B.

    Here is my current situation:

    I originally had my playstation hacked with 3.55 CFW a long time ago, but I decided to get online and update it so I could play online games without the chance of being banned by the PSN, so I updated it to 4.46 current firmware.

    I am sick and tired of playing online games and I have plenty of PS3 ISO files that I would love to play, but I cant do anything because there is no way to hack this current firmware. I have Rogero 4.46 V1.01 update.pup but once it gets to 70 percent or so, it tells me that the file is corrupted. Ive read that you have to be on a firmware of 3.55 in order to install the modded firmware, but as I said before, im on 4.46 from sony.

    I don't know much about hacking the PS3, but I am damn good with computers. I hacked the PS3 a long time ago using a USB dongle and it worked just fine, along with multiman... it rocked.

    Please help me...


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    TrustY Guest
    Your going to have to downgrade your playstation 3

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    Trudraikkon1984 Guest
    I have no clue what that is... does that require me to open the playstation up? Is there a way that i can do it though software mods only? I wouldnt want to take the chance in messing up the playstation if i have to open it...

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    TrustY Guest
    You will have to open the ps3 to install the hardware...

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    lumaria Guest
    there is no other way around it, trust me i'm trying to do that too

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