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    Pacha Guest

    PS3 Downgrade help?

    Hello everyone. I'm new here. I need a little help if you don't mind.

    My PS3 has OFW 4.25 but came with 3.41 (CECH-2104A).

    I need help to downgrade with e3 flasher and want to know if I can use it in different consoles and if I can use my PSP or TI-84 Plus to start in factory mode.

    Thanks in advance.

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    BluRay Guest
    If you have soldering skills, you shouldn't have much problem desoldering It. If you plan on using a clip, pretty sure It's very hard to remove It from your PS3 without breaking It, so that would be only for 1 console.

    Can't help with the PSP though, never used It to get on FSM...

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    Tim14ww Guest

    Yes you can use the E3 with different consoles. Yes, actually you can use both. Although, I tried like 10 times with my PSP and that would'nt work, after that I tried my TI-84 Plus, and that one worked the first time.

    So I would recommend you to use your TI-84 Plus Calculator.

    Good luck!


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