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    Goods Guest

    PS3 Downgrade Harddrive question?

    I heard that when you downgrade, your harddrive gets formatted. Any truth the this? If so how do I backup my harddrive before I downgrade?

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    severusx Guest
    Yes it does, and yes you need to backup everything before you proceed, including your game saves.

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    BwE Guest
    depends on the console.. newer model phats - maybe.

    slims - 100%
    old phats - no.

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    Goods Guest
    Thanks for the quick response. How do I back up my saved games on my hard drive, and my psn game downloads?

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    ben2005 Guest
    It's a shame we can't easily backup are trophies aswell. Had fun trying to swap them from one ps3 to another. Didn't go smooth lol

    To back up your save data and everything else (except trophies) Go to settings and use the data backup utility, it will copy all data to a usb drive. So make sure u have one plugged in lol

    To restore data, its on the same menu as backup.

    P.s. you will not be restore data on any other ps3 apart from the one you used the back up on.


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