Hello, good as anything tonight was making my ps3 downgrode slim with a 160 gb ps3 and I followed the steps of the tutorial, I've formatted the fat32 pen and I put the files in the ps3keyfirware, nothing came to the factory mode.

well after I've put the pen to the files and I lost the baby at home and frustrated every time I turned the PS3 same after 10 seconds, I got my ps3key and now starts but it says connect the remote with a cable USB and press the ps button and nothing does nothing but will no longer have to do to get her out of there any solution here?

Editorial: Use a cable no right to command me now says "the software of the system can not run correctly press the PS button to try to restart the system (the pulse and the same) if you can not restart in this way, you must reinstall the system software.

Connect storage media that contains update data vercion 3.50 or later and press start and select wing time. I read that I have to download the official 3.50 and put it in a pen and into PS3 -> update -> and here within the software. Help!