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    PS3 downgrade from 4.41 to 3.50 help?

    I recently got ps3 (model number cech-2003A and the software version on the ps3 is 4.41, so i want to downgrade to 3.50 and jailbreak my ps3.

    how can i do this, if i need to use a flasher lemme know how to do it?

    Thank you.

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    Hi, i have a PS3 Slim 120GB CECH-2004A, is it possible to downgrade from OFW 4.41 to OFW 3.55 without a flasher etc.?

    If so, is it possible to do this with Rogero's Downgrader 4.40 if you change it to 4.41? If so, how and could you please give me a link to guides/tutorials please?

    Or is it something else that you need to use to downgrade?

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    you need a flasher to reprogram the Nor directly from 4.41OFW. You use rogeros downgrader to downgrade from CFW not OFW.

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    Jun 2013
    is there any special flasher to downgrade from 4.41 to 3.55, if so what is it ?

    is there any complete guide or tutorial to downgrade from 4.41 to 3.55 and then to jailbreak, i am quite sure i can do it on my own if i have instructions to follow.

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    try an e3

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