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Thread: PS3 Downgrade 4.21 to 3.55 help ?

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    whaki Guest

    PS3 Downgrade 4.21 to 3.55 help ?

    Guys i have fat modal ps3 (80 gb). It is CECHE01 and it's firmware is 4.21. How can i downgrade it to 3.55 ?

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    marcin888888 Guest
    hi, you need a progskeet and solder about 50 wires 26 awg to read, patch, write nand. There is solderless clip solution but most of the time gives many bad blocks.

    If you dont have good soldering skills I could do it for you and if interested I also do nice light mods.

    PM me for more info and photos

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    jonathanjamex Guest

    Confused Ps3 4.21 jailbreak help

    would somebody plz help me with ps3 jailbreak 4.21?

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    marcin888888 Guest
    hi, I can downgrade and jailbreak your ps3.

    message me if you are interested.

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    racer0018 Guest
    The answer for it was posted already. You can downgrade it yourself or send it to someone to downgrade it for you. You have a NAND ps3 and you need to solder in a progskeet or use the clips on it. Thanks

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