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Thread: PS3 Downgrade to 3.55 from 4.46 help?

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    Ermac404 Guest

    PS3 Downgrade to 3.55 from 4.46 help?

    I just bought my PS3 from a friend which has already been updated to 4.46. Can I downgrade it to 3.55 with out a flasher... its the older Fat PS3 model CECHG01.

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    dyceast Guest
    Nope you need a flasher

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    misiozol Guest
    No go with out flasher

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    You will need some sort of flasher. Also not all PS3 models can be downgraded.

    P.S. Please don't ask for help in this section, this is for news, ask in the "Help & Support" section

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    elser1 Guest
    these type of questions are answered and asked everyday. use search and try researching a little before you ask.

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    vegeta777 Guest
    From my testing it is possible with rogero and rebug 3.55 downgrader .999 .PUP, I've done it and worked but when you do it is not easy to upgrade from that. I tried everything and took awhile to finally work, it gives you and error when trying to upgrade From xmb update and even safe mode. I was able to get it up to 4.41 cfw but wasn't able to go higher back to 4.46 cfw. I used other ways but ended up causing s fake GLOD an even RLOD as well both being fake cause of software corruption.

    I've tried other ways to fix it from it also was turning off by itself and I fixed that to now it turns off lol. Well I got that fixed to but now I get solid Green light and after Sheila will start blinking, mind you from the start there isn't any video hdmi working and it's not going into XMB start screen as well. I'm now stuck and tried also with another ps3 to let it reformat it and worked on that one but doesn't work on the other.

    I believe I have just made a software brick crash that causing the problem, I'm going have to wait for something new to fix this or have someone with more knowledge take a crack at it. For now I don't advise anyone downgrading besides pretty much all newer stuff working without patches is nice. I hope I helped someone from not doing what I've done when testing the software out.

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