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    PP2000 Guest

    Question PS3 Downgrade 3.50 or 3.55 or 3.41 help?

    I have a PS Slim running 3.55 QA flagged. I want to downgrade to 3.41 or 3.15. I bought my ps3 as the killzone 3 bundle, which came with 3.50. what is the risk of downgrading below 3.50 and can i downgrade below 3.50?

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    Foo Guest
    With you PS3 QA Flagged you can downgrade to any firmware and it's completely safe. Go for it, it's waiting for you.

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    PP2000 Guest
    are you sure? i really don't want to have my nand bricked. plus there's a thread talking about qa downgrading and says you can't downgrade below stocked fw

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    Foo Guest
    Yet, why do you want to downgrade anyways. 3.55 is where everything is right now. I haven't seen anything about QA Flag downgrading bricking... but if it does then Sony fails. (What's new?)

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    PP2000 Guest
    You now need to find out which firmware is the lowest you can downgrade to. Easiest way to do this is to use MinVerChk : http://www.multiupload.com/LI9OWT15UW

    Once you have it, put it on an USB stick at PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP and try to install it via XMB. You will get an error message telling you which is the lowest version you can install on your model.

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    elser1 Guest
    why bother downgrading.. theres nothing to be gained by going back to 3.41

    i know.. i can't believe i said that either.. LOL but it is true..

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    PP2000 Guest
    I'm probably not going to, i just want to know, for experimental reasons. can I or not?

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    A handful of PSN games would work on 3.41 but not on CFW 3.55. I can only think of one off of the top of my head (Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theatre). So yeah... there is a lot more to be lost than gained by downgrading to 3.41, it's a bad idea to downgrade.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Make sure you don't try downgrading past the PS3s base firmware!

    Here is a list of all the PS3 slim models and its base firmware.

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    Foo Guest
    My point stands.

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