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Thread: PS3 downgrade to 3.01 possible help?

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    geb724 Guest

    PS3 downgrade to 3.01 possible help?

    i have a (model) ceche ps3. i only use it as a server for music and movies from my pc. the other day i upgraded my firmware to the latest version after many years of never upgrading the firmware. now i have the 'cinavia' issue on some movies. the 'fixes' i found on line do not work.

    in doing some research i noticed that v3.10 was when cinavia was added.

    is there any way of going back to v3.01 and if so how would i do it?

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    AKmania Guest
    i think you must be using Official Firmware right now so your cinavia is not working. The only way to downgrade to 3.10 is to using progskeet or other flash tools to get the valid dump and then patch it with the newest Custom Firmware like Rogero 4.55 + multiman then you can get your cinavia working again.

    if you don't have the tools just bring it to the professional to downgrade it.

    i hope this can answer your question.

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    geb724 Guest
    yes my unit is still not jailbroken so its official v4.55. once i updated to v4.55 i got the 'cinavia message code 3' on a movie. never had it before.

    but instead of going back to v3.01, maybe i should be asking is there any way to disable/override cinavia drm in ps3 media sever? or any other way to disable it?

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    anon777 Guest
    the only way really to disable it is installing CFW. since you have a nand model you can use progskeet then downgrade it & install rogero v4.55 then bye bye cinavia

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    geb724 Guest
    thanks for all the help so far. i'm very new to all this so please excuse my ignorance. i'm pretty handy but- is progskeet something i can do on my own? what do i need?

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    Apr 2005
    Here are some articles on Progskeet, it's a hardware device that you have to purchase: (Click on the article titles to read them)

    We don't get into "where to buy" in this section though, your best bet is to search Google or start a thread to see if anyone here has one they wish to sell or trade in our PS3 Marketplace.

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    ripplar Guest
    You could put the movies on a PC and use ps3 media server and stream the movies to your ps3 or a program called to get rid of the problem as well. That's what I do on my ofw ps3. I hope this helps

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    azoreseuropa Guest
    Our friend updated to the latest FW and not sure what was his old firmware before he updated it. His PS3 is SLIM PS3.. Can he downgrade to 3.55 or 3.41 for 4.46 rebug CFW ?? How ?

    Hello ?? Can you help me out ?

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    misiozol Guest
    Help you out how ? wait I will go to my magic glass bowl and it will tell me exact model of you friend console and on what FW he was before he updated

    BTW have you try to search? answer is first from top in announcements:

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    Taufik Guest
    Read in this section you may need:

    Good luck friend.

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