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Thread: ps3 dongle install help?

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    paddydoll Guest

    ps3 dongle install help?

    is there anyone out there who knows how to install the ps3 dongle from start to finish, in laments (idiot) terms. lol i've got 3.41 and staying offline, so it won't update to 3.50. every time i look into instructions they are all different, download this download that.

    i'm so confused with it all i would like to load a few games for my daughter's ps3 for xmas, can anyone PLEASE HELP ME.

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    tigereye Guest
    First hi... we all are here to help each other... most important think is you must tell as what kind of dongle do you got company name or brand like AT90usb 646...Tenssy ++1 or ++ 2 , P3Go Break etc...

    after that we can help you further

    Best regard

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    At the official site from the brand of your dongle is an introduction, so no problems there.

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    DeViL303 Guest


    Put simply to exploit your PS3 you will need:

    1. Correct PS3 firmware: Need to be on PS3 firmware 3.41 or below (unless you buy psdowngrade) You have 3.41 so thats sorted!
    2. Some USB hardware: That can be either a USB dongle, some smart phones, some texas instruments calculators. (if you havnt got one yet I would recommend an open source dongle like Minimus, maximus or Teensy as new hex's are always out first for these type of dongles)
    3. Software for PC to put the PSgroove exploit code onto dongle or phone (example = Atmel FLIP software is required for atmel based dongles like mininus)
    4. Software for dongle .hex or .bin file: once you have the hardware you need the exploit code for that hardware, searching '.hex' and 'your dongle name' wil find one for you. There are lots of types of hex's for each piece of hardware but basically any of them will allow backups to be played, if you say what your dongle I will try link to latest file thats released for it. Lots of hex's Here.
    5. Software for PS3: This means mainly in your case a Backup manager, there are lots available but they are all fairly similar and they will all load most backups using most payloads. (I would recomend Open manager 2.1 or Gaia manager latest versions)
    6. Games: Then of course you need to get Games,You can Rip your own games or borrow games and rip,There are other ways too I'll leave it up to you after that!

    Any questions ask away?

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    paddydoll Guest
    i've got a ps3 break, driver v1.2.. does this help?

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Get to download on PS3Break site and follow the introduction how you flash your dongle. Follow the introduction below.

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