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Thread: PS3 doesnt proceed to main screen after updating v2.20

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    DarkArchon Guest

    Unhappy PS3 doesnt proceed to main screen after updating v2.20

    Hi, my ps3 wont go into any kind of menu when it boots up, it just has that stupid gay waves and nothing else. no errors reported that it cant find a hdd or anything. this all started after i downloaded and installed the latest update 2.20. Im alittle unsure what to do.

    Some more info about my ps3, its a Australian (Europe i guess) ps3 which is 60gb's. It has a custom mod which has the local hdd bay hooked up to an external (internal) hdd which is 1tb in size. I honestly had no problems with this up until now. I tried just simply unplugging the hdd from the ps3 and it does report on screen that the ps3 cannot detect a hdd if that helps.

    Please help as i may have to take my ps3 back if i cant get any help

    Edit: Hey, ive managed to get the ps3 booting up on the original hdd, however if i try putting the ext (int) hdd into it, it wont boot up at all. So im suspecting the hdd is corrupt and may need reformatting. How should i do this if it cant be recognised by the ps3? Should i format it in fat32 and try again?

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    IanJ Guest

    From what i can gather it needs to be a clean drive. Delete all partitions using something like gparted and start from there.

    But hard drives shouldn't just corrupt themselves. If using it make sure you take regular backups. If it does it again I'd ditch it

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    Tekon Guest
    You are correct- the 2.20 update has a bug which corrupts external drives larger than 250GB (Confirmed by [H]ard| & PS3Fanboy). I would not format the drive just yet- there is a chance that Sony will issue a patch for that.

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    DarkArchon Guest
    Thanks tekon, i was thinking this was only me. It was very strange for it to not just say "cannot detect any drives". Hopefully sony fixes this soon. Thanks guys for replying.

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    LordZoo Guest
    I had my eyes on a 300gb, but now that I know this info....

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    Tekon Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by LordZoo View Post
    I had my eyes on a 300gb, but now that I know this info....
    Or simply unplug the drive before you update- that will prevent it from being corrupted by future updates.

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    DarkArchon Guest

    Question contacting sony

    Are you sure that the hdd is corrupt? Perhaps the way the ps3 reads the hdd has changed idk. Hopefully sony can fix this soon, is there any way to contact the sony ps3 team about this bug?

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    aumaniii Guest

    hdd upgrade

    i just recently put a 300 gig drive in my ps3 and i havent had any probs with updates. i would backup and clean format new drive.

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    Nineball Guest
    Not too long after I installed v 2.20 all my settings reset and my PS3 wouldn't load up games but go to a blank screen. I manually unplugged the power cord and plugged it back in and now it works. I haven't had that problem since but I find it strange that it happened.

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