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Thread: PS3 does not see games or movies help?

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    jrccomputer Guest

    PS3 does not see games or movies help?

    When I put a Blu-ray movie in or a PS3 game nothing comes up on the menu. Why is this??? Is this a laser problem or something else??

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    G Sus Guest
    could be anything to do with the BDdrive not neccessarily the lazer, if you've had the ps3 open id suggest opening it again and making sure there is a good connection on the ribbon cable.

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    jrccomputer Guest
    I bought a Brand New BD drive. But, I did use a old Deck and laser. I have a new Deck and laser coming and hope that fixes that.

    Edit: The New BD drive was just to fix the not accepting or eject disc problem. And yes I used the old PCB board from the old drive.

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    G Sus Guest
    i could be wrong, but i think if youve bought a new drive it needs pairing with the ps3, you should really try asking in the ps3 repairs downgrading and unbricking forum.

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    jrccomputer Guest
    Nope. I don't need to pair it cause I got the Old PCB in the new drive.

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    racer0018 Guest
    It sounds like the laser cause it doesn't see the disc to spin it up to speed. Put the new one in and let us know. Thanks

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    hilongo Guest
    And what about CDs and DVDs ... doesn't your PS3 see them either?

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    jrccomputer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hilongo View Post
    And what about CDs and DVDs ... doesn't your PS3 see them either?
    Yes, it plays DVDs and CDs, even plays PSX games.

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    Mesutg Guest
    Re-Flash FW, if the Drive see's the DVDs and CDs, even PSX games. Then you need to re-flash try the lastest CFW's

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    jrccomputer Guest
    I'm on OFW. Version 4.30. I pretty sure its the laser.

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