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Thread: PS3 does not see discs or load games help?

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    jetli68 Guest

    PS3 does not see discs or load games help?

    hi there i ps3 fat with cfw 4.46 on i was playing assian g black flag everything was working ok. i turn my ps3 off and then today i have gone to play it and it does not load the game.

    MM does not see any disk loaded and if i click on ACBF when it goes back to xmb it just says PLAYSTATION 3 and that diskc icon i click on that it just goes black sits there and then goes back to xmb. i have tried a BR movie and that does not load does not show any disk icon on the xmb

    i have been told to do aback up stuff and do a restore ? to set it back to factory defaults will this put my ps3 back to 3.55 OFW? or will the cfw still be on ?

    i have just updated to 4.50 v1 but still didn't work i am going to look for the latest MM as my older version would not work with 4.50

    tia for any help with this


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    misiozol Guest
    I'm sorry say what again ? could you write bit more specific as i honestly do not have a clue what you talking about

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    JAYRIDER666 Guest
    Delete multiman and install it again

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    jetli68 Guest
    i was play a game the other day and all was ok i turned my ps3 off and to day when i have went to play a game i load MM put a game cd in the drive slect the game to play.. it goes back to xmb but no dsk icon apears in the xmb to select, br movie dont play and if i put a game cd in that will not work.

    i have updated to 4.50 cfw and MM 4.50 but still the same.

    mm does not see the game disc nor does any disc icon show up in xmb at all, mm see the games on my external HD but when i click on them it goes back to xmb and then there is no disc icon


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    misiozol Guest
    So let me get this right , if you put game disk in to console it is NOT seen ? Does games that have been working disk less are still working ? Have u try to reinstall multiman or/and CFW ? Does BluRay movies work ?

    From what could establish from what you have written your BD drive is gone but hard to say as what you writing is very blurry, be specific what console , what CFW and so on

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    jetli68 Guest
    my ps3 will not see any disk at all i was working fine the other day. i turn the ps3 off as normal buy ejecting the disk and then shutting it down. now i went to play yesterday and nothing plays nothing at all i was on cfw 4.46 with MM 4.46

    MM works but when you see the disc icon in Mm next to the refresh it just says DVD there even with the game disk in now if i click on a game to play. it goes back to xmb like normal but there is no game disk icon showing up nothing. the same if i put a BR movie in it nothing plays.

    so i updated to 4.50 v1 and MM4.50 but every thing is the same still no games will load or br movies will play my ps3 is a phat 3.55 original

    i got told to back every thing up and restore to factory defaults will this work. if i do restore to factory defaults will it but my CFW back to OFW3.55 or will it stay with my CFW 4.50? if it does go back to OFW can i just put CFW 4.50 on top of the 3.55 one?

    im not bothered about the games on my internal Hd if if that is all i need to back them up for i am not bothered about loosing them ? can you play the games with out a working drive ?

    tia for any help with this


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    misiozol Guest
    Listen i do honestly not know what you're writing, it's making no sense.

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    jetli68 Guest
    i sorted it now looks like my drive is nackered i managed to sort out how to play the games discless



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