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    PS3 DNS problem - 80710102 error?

    Hi guys. I've been purchased my second retail PS3 (i've also a 2 debugs and one tool ) and I want to connect my machine to internet.

    But unfortunately, when I define IP and DNS addresses - during the connection tests I've got a error - 80710102.

    I tried changing DNS addresses on router (OpenDNS) and it doesn't work. Adding PS3 IP to DMZ - it also doesn't work.
    I don't know why - my Bravia TV, notebook, PC and other consoles works fine(also get IP address automatically via DHCP - my PS3 can't do this).

    Subnet Mask:
    DNS primary:
    DNS secondary:
    MTU: 1490
    UPnP: yes or no - my router has disabled this function
    proxy: no

    software - 3.40 (i'm waiting for my PIC 18F2550 )

    Thanks in advance. Cheers.

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    My only suggestion is to try and set the DNS Primary to the same IP address as the gateway, in this case, and leave the secondary blank. If you've got the DNS servers setup in the router, then the PS will just use that - I've never needed to define the DNS servers for any network device individually...

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    I can see you are using a linksys router i think your problem is your ip address linksys starts its DHCP server at 192.168.100 try given your ps3 an ip address between -- and see if that fixes your problem and also set your MTU at 1500 and your subnet mask needs to be also tyr to enable UPNP and then turn that on on your ps3. and you can get your dns numbers under the adminstrator tab of your linksys router.

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    JifDaKiwi: I tried this firstly, but it also doesn't work.

    slifer1231: It isn't linksys.

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