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Thread: PS3 DLCs Online for Singstar and others on CFW help?

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    jojo1000 Guest

    PS3 DLCs Online for Singstar and others on CFW help?

    I think I have to get on PSN because I am using CFW Rebug 4.46 (as recommended by Misiozol) to buy and download Singstar DLCs and I believe I have to go online and pay for them and download them directly into the PS3.

    I believe I have to install a firmware spoofer to 4.50. But I am not entirely sure.

    How will it be possible? Could someone kindly guide me?

    I don't wish to get banned doing the above. Obviously.

    Thank you in advance!

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    misiozol Guest
    Simple go to shop and buy game with that includes this DLC , as far as buying DLC you always risking getting ban and losing money from account that's what you get using CFW

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    jojo1000 Guest
    So you mean I don't need to spoof the firmware at all for this?

    Hey Misiozol, my last question: If I buy the original game (that I intend to) and then go and download the DLCs, would I need to spoof the firmware for that? (like to play the initial game) or is that not required?

    Thanks a lot buddy for all your help

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    misiozol Guest
    You need to spoof if you are on 4.46 as psn will tell you that you need to update to FW 4.50 to log on and so on

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    jojo1000 Guest
    Can you point me out to which spoofer i should use?

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    misiozol Guest
    Honestly I do not have a clue which one is best , as I do not use such invention

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