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Thread: PS3 display problem help?

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    lfcaid Guest

    PS3 display problem help?

    Hi guys im having trouble with my Playstation 3 slimline CECH-2003B model, basically what has happened is i was playing a few games and then i went to bed turned on my ps3 and i woke up today and turned on my ps3 only to find i had no display.

    So i tried the display reset thing where you reset the settings of the display, that didn't work so then i went on tried to get into the recovery menu and that failed as i don't even get the 2 beeps when holding the power button down. How ever i did mange to format my hard drive and get back on but then i turned my ps3 of and woke up with the issue again.

    So last night i thought it maybe a hard drive issue and i changed my hard drive and manged to get back to my ps3 but when i turned it off last night i had the same issue again and still cant get to recovery menu.

    I also installed the new 4.46 update released by Sony and yet im still having this problem of not being able to get into recovery menu even with both hard drives and i don't even get the beeps to get into the recovery menu or the beeps to reset my display.

    So can anyone help does anyone know a fix for this or what caused this?

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    JeoWay Guest
    You said you did a display reset, did you do it like how the two beeps will reset it and then you have the option to configure? Does your display component cable have a ripped end and maybe not work?

    Try to take the power cable out of your ps3 console, hold the eject button then put the power cable back in holding it, you should start to hear a heavy fan. Once its done, unplug the power cable and plug it back in. Try to do the two beep video reset and then see if it turns on. If not, I would recommend getting a new AV Cable (or HDMI, whatever your using)

    I recommend having both the AV cable and HDMI in so you can configure it

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    lfcaid Guest
    Yes i reset the display to av cables and then from that i went back to how i had it before and there's nothing wrong with my cables as ive tried them in another ps3 and another tv also i tried them on a ps3 on the same tv i'm using and all worked. I'll give what you said a try and thank you for the suggestions

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    JeoWay Guest
    Ok. Just make sure to have an HDMI in (i recommend it for configuration purposes)

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    windrider42 Guest
    You can also try unplugging power for an hour

    You can also try Restore Defaults for Restart PS3 - this can be done from XMB

    Or you have worse issues with RSX/CPU/Southbridge, and if you have never opened PS3 you can send to Sony for $100 too repair, or pre YLOD problems.

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    JeoWay Guest
    He said the display is out, so he wouldn't be able to see the System Settings

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    mikep2506 Guest
    Are you sure you are going to recovery correctly. Holding the power button until it COMPLETELY turns off... then touching and holding the power button till you hear two beeps? If so, It very well could be the graphics card. Is the controller syncing when it is on and no display?

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    metzen Guest
    Jeo, Just out of curiosity have you tried using a video through the Sony provided AV cables? It's sounding like the hdmi port on your system could be going. Give this a try and remember you will have to do the video reset method.

    Make sure the system is off. Hold down the Power Button for 5-6 seconds - until you hear the second beep.

    That's it, your video settings are reset and you should be able to choose your input and configure it from there.

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    Proximus85 Guest
    faulty hdmi cable maybe?

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    JeoWay Guest
    I'm not the one having trouble with the display lol

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