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Thread: PS3 disk upgrade and backup/restore help?

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    szafran Guest

    PS3 disk upgrade and backup/restore help?


    I have 2 Q's about internal disk upgrading...

    1. While upgrading the internal HDD can I make a disk2disk copy on a pc using partition managing software or do i need to use PS3's backup/restore function ?
    2. Is it safe to upgrade the internal HDD while on Kmeaw 3.55 ?


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    yumsg Guest
    2. It's save. The best part is that after I've upgraded. The jb and fw was left intact. Mine is a fat PS3. Hope that helps.

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    ricopico Guest
    1 - No, because the pc cannot read ps3 formatted data. The filesystem is completley unknown to windows/linux/mac. As soon as it is plugged into the pc, the drive will not function on the ps3 again, the pc changes something when trying to recognise the disk.

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