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Thread: PS3 Disk drive emulation help?

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    scottycondr Guest

    PS3 Disk drive emulation help?

    Does anybody know of or have any details of, if the Blu-ray drive has tried to be emulated similarly to how the 360 K3y works.

    for people who don't it's a board that connects between the main board and the disk drive, (and with a HDD connected with ISO's on) emulates the disk drive to play the ISO's. it can also be put in bypass to use the disk drive directly.

    sorry if this has been covered before but I have searched and not found anything.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Cause its underground. I talked to some guys who worked on it. But one of the biggest problems is to emulate the watermark. To time there is no official way to reproduce it. The PS3 would recognize that it is reproduced or recorded. But nothing is impossible.

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    scottycondr Guest
    thanks cfwprophet

    sounds like smarter guys than me are trying so I'll just wish them the best and wait for news. would love it if I could help in anyway.

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