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    Sep 2012

    PS3 DEX machine to return to normal help?

    I got a PS3 that was recently turn to DEX. I miss my psn and i know you can not get it online with a DEX. The owner did not make the proper back up flash, so i am stuck with a dex machine. So how can i revert it back to retail model, where i can have a ps3 that works online. I know i will lose my JB, but its not going ot be used much. Any directions will help.

    Dex 3.55 is current FW.

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    Dec 2010
    you can use psn on dex mfw if np environment set to "np" and then followed usual fckpsn guide...

    you can dump root key on dex, but you have to run lv2loader and a cex lv2kernel, as the dump eEID pkg works only on cex system. then you will have to patch manually to cex back, but don't ask me

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    Feb 2007
    The way back is tricky !! You easy mess up you sys con an that means perma brick!!!

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    Dec 2006
    if you can dump root_key it isn't a problem, dex355backup+rootkey we need.

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