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Thread: PS3 DEX console and original bluray games help?

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    gitaristerbaik Guest

    PS3 DEX console and original bluray games help?

    hello ps3news citizens,

    I have few questions regarding dex console.

    1. Can my DEX console load and play racoon city original bluray disc without updating my console to new ofw?

    2. Is it possible for my DEX console to load and play bluray disc new game such tekken tag tournament2 and borderlan 2 without updating the console to new ofw.

    need to know the answers before purchase.

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    Portalcake Guest
    Why do you need to avoid upgrading? You can downgrade to 3.55 any time you want. DEX can play retail games just like retail consoles.
    Also, IIRC Borderlands 2 hasn't even been released yet.

    To answer your question: If the keys for that firmware aren't out yet, you can't play newer firmware games on your 3.55 DEX MFW. No exceptions.

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