Hey folks, I'm running into a bit of a snag with a test application I'm building

I saw that you could get the float value of the analogue sticks by calling getFloatValue, so I assumed it would be safe to make float definitions for both x and y of the left analogue stick.

Now, I wish I could attach a debugger, since I don't know whether the float statements aren't correct -- or if I can't do type casting with using the classic (int)float method. Do I have to FTOA and then ATOI?

This usually freezes the console

Any ideas from some knowledgable gurus around here? I'm just trying to learn my way around this console =S

float xfloat = mpLeftX->getFloatValue();
float yfloat = mpLeftY->getFloatValue();

int xnum = (int)xfloat;
int ynum = (int)yfloat;


FWDebugFont::printf("Left X\n", xnum);
FWDebugFont::printf("Left Y\n", ynum);
I managed to fix it, turns out my controller mapping was slightly erroneous.