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    PS3 Development console upgrade?

    So, I have a PS3 development console - and it's running system software 1.81. Anyone know how I can get it upgraded to something more recent, since standard images (I tried 2.17) don't seem to work?


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    The data type is not supported (8002F029)

    I have a debugging unit from my friend, I did the 1.80 upgrade but now seems that it require another upgrade also it cannot play any Bluray, any help??


    any help yet???

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    You need to use the Debug Firmware Update v2.15, once you move from Newbie to Registered User class you can grab it in the Downloads section.

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    Prototype PS3 unit

    Im having difficulty finding an upgrade for this unit, anyone else have a 'TEST' unit?

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    I merged your post here... read above for the same answer.

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